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Garden Design

Working together to exceed your expectations

Our Approach


We love great gardens and will help you through the process of creating yours. From the initial site visit, defining a design protocol, installation and a follow up maintenance plan we can assure results.

Chesham Low-maintenance Slope Design 

Here is a garden that was created to terrace a slope so that a new driveway could be put in to access an addition.  It provides low maintenance, multi-season interest, erosion control and screening from the road.  This client is particularly concerned about habitat for pollinators. 

Lovely Garden in Jaffrey

These clients require traditional New England garden plants to contrast the west coast gardens they also enjoy.  Our initial meeting consisted of sentimental visions of ancient sugar maples under planted with lilacs, white birch, gardens filled with heady phlox and the ever prominent view of Mt Monadnock.  It has been a nice challenge expanding the plant palette as we have created these gardens while staying within certain boundaries. 

Rambunctious Border in Rindge

In this wide border I have plenty of space to experiment with large perennials and plenty of foliage to hide fading daffodils behind for the ever increasing bulb collection.

Woodland Garden

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